Chamilo is an opensource e-learning and content management system (LMS), aimed at improving access to education and knowledge globally. It is backed up by the Chamilo Association, which has goals including the promotion of the software, the maintenance of a clear communication channel, the building of a network of services providers and software contributors, to protect and improve the e-learning and collaboration software and to build, protect and increase a community of teachers and enterprise learning coaches who want to improve the efficiency of teaching and their courses through the use of the software.


Chamilo is currently used by more than 550,000 students around the world, and the feedback from the community is great. Governments, private companies, public and private universities, NGO and other types of organizations use the Chamilo software suite to manage from simple live training to full distant e-learning, certification center, e-courses shop and staff selection. You can Search for answers @ the forum.


Chamilo is mainly a LMS running Apache 1.3, 2.0, MySQL 5.1 and PHP 5.2 and can be installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and UNIX servers indifferently. However,  the use of Linux server we is recommend for optimal flexibility, remote control and scalability.


The Chamilo project aims at ensuring the availability and quality of education at a reduced cost, through the distribution of its software free of charge, the improvement of its interface for 3rd world countries devices portability and the provision of a free access public e-learning campus.

  • Easy creation of educational content
  • Easy and free installation on web hosting solutions
  • Tracking of users results, allowing for methodology improvements
  • Clean interface, letting user focus on learning
  • Synchronous and asynchronous communication channels
  • Many tools allowing for all e-learning types (visual, auditive, practical, serious games, staff selection)
  • Extensive documents management capabilities
  • Courses, users and training cycles advanced management (including SOAP web services to manage remotely)
  • SCORM 1.2 compatibility and authoring tool
  • Multi-institutions mode (with central management portal)
  • Time-controlled exams
  • International characters (UTF-8)
  • Time zones
  • Automated generation of certificates
  • Tracking of users progress
  • Embedded social e-learning network
  • Videoconferencing system as well as a presentations to learning paths converter, which require advanced system administration skills to install.

Summing up, Chamilo is a project that opts for opensource in a radical way. It aims at bringing you the best e-learning and collaboration platform in the opensource world.

Take it for a test drive at Chamilo’s Campus which has

  • 700,000 registered users
  • 450 simultaneously connected users (120 seconds time frame)
  • 100,000 courses